Crossbow bolt quiver Wild boar

The design for the production of this quiver was taken from the historical source Violet le Duc. At the times when hunting was an everyday activity killed animals were processed completely. The most precious fur was used for various products that the hunter needed to survive. Various types of fur that were available at a given moment were used on this type of quiver. This quiverwill be appreciated especially by hunters or crossbowmen who  put emphasis on the historical basis of the design. More information...

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Crossbow bolt quiver Wild boar

The crossbow quiver for the "wild boar" crossbow is composed of the upper part (extension) and the bottom part. The basic material for the manufacture of this quiver is wild boar's leather. The upper part is made of 2.5-3mm thick smooth cowhide. This part also serves as a supportive structure of the quiver. The quiver is attached to the belt with loops. The quiver's extension is decorated with a simple line on the edges. When ordering this product, please specify the size of your bolts.  The quiver's capacity is circa 20-30 bolts, depending on the type of bolts.

Besides the colour shown in the picture the quiver is available in other colours: see the choice of colour.

Please note: This product is made by hand from genuine leather. This is a purely natural material. Minor differences in the colour and surface texture are its natural characteristics. These small imperfections do not decrease the value of the product. Each piece is to some extent an original.

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