Metal Chape for scabbard

The Chape is a metal fitting on the tip of a scabbard for edged weapons (eg dagger, knife, sword). The Chape protects and embellishes the sensitive tip of the wooden or leather scabbard. The opening of the Ortbandes is oval. More information...

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Metal Chape for scabbard

Made of approx. 1mm thick metal sheet

The Metal Chape is available in three sizes:

  • Size S: length 50.46mm, external dimensions of the opening approx. 18 * 12.12mm; Weight approx. 10.7g
  • Size M: length 71.18mm, external dimensions of the opening approx. 23.16 * 12.6mm; Weight approx. 18.7g
  • Size L: length 89.6mm, external dimensions of the opening approx. 39.6 * 23.9mm; Weight approx. 34g

Depending on which material your scabbard/sheath is made of (wood, leather, wood core covered with leather), you can fasten the chape by:

  1. glueing (e.g. with Pattex P1DC2 Multi Power glue)
  2. riveting or
  3. nailing it with small nails or wood screws

For the variants 2 and 3 you would have to drill holes (on the sides) of the chape.

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