Brass Scabbard chape

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Brass Scabbard chape

Data of the chape from the photo:

  • Total length approx. 70.6mm
  • The dimensions at the end of the funnel-shaped socket approx. 21 x 9.6mm
  • Made of approx. 0.85mm thick brass sheet

The Brass Chape is available in three sizes:

  • Size S: length 50.46mm, external dimensions of the opening approx. 18 * 12.12mm
  • Size M: length 70.6mm, external dimensions of the opening approx. 21 * 9.6mm
  • Size L: length 89.6mm, external dimensions of the opening approx. 39.6 * 23.9mm

Depending on which material your scabbard/sheath is made of (wood, leather, wood core covered with leather), you can fasten the chape by:

  1. glueing (e.g. with Pattex P1DC2 Multi Power glue)
  2. riveting or
  3. nailing it with small nails or wood screws

For the variants 2 and 3 you would have to drill holes (on the sides) of the chape.

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