Viking Middle Ages penannular brooch Windalf, 9th cen.


Based on Viking designs from the 9th Century. Hand-hammered from brass. More information...

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Viking Middle Ages penannular brooch Windalf, 9th cen.

After graduating from purely utilitarian fasteners in the Bronze and Iron Ages, brooches left behind plain designs and grew more ornate. But don’t let the beauty of this brooch fool you. It has a more practical mission as well. Penannular brooches, such as this lovely specimen, were designed specifically to secure a garment without damaging it. The secret lies in the open ring. By opening the brooch, placing the round face on the top of the garment, and the long pin around the back of the garment, the material can easily be fastened by simply slipping the tip of the pin through the gap and turning it so that it rests securely against the ring. Voila! No holes on your favorite scarf, and a touch of historical elegance to boot.

  • Width approx. 36.2mm
  • Length approx. 43mm
  • Length of the needle approx. 51.5mm
  • Material thickness approx. 4mm max.
  • Weight approx. 10.8 g
15-May 2020
Brigitte Hof
verified review
Herzlichen Dank an Windalf für die süßen kleinen Ohrstecker , bin sehr zufrieden zwar sehr winzig aber sehen schön aus , besten Dank !!! Immer wieder gerne !!!!

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