Other artifacts of the Templar Order

The poor fellow soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon also known as the Templars, are still considered one of the most mysterious orders ever. From their beginning in 1118, in less than two centuries, they developed from poor knights into a very rich and powerful organization which also acted politically. It was one of the reasons why King of France, Philip IV intervened against the Templars, had them imprisoned and confiscated their property. This act, however, still raises more questions than answers. If you are also a fan of fearless knights who protected the weak and mercilessly conquered the territory, you are in the right place. Do you want to decorate your house with a Templar theme, such as the Templar banner, the crusade seal or the fashionable letter opener? Or would you like jewelry that shows sympathy for this organization? Do you need accessories for your Templar costume? Have a look at our great offer of artifacts!

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