Ruff Collar

Ruff Collaris a high standing pleated collar popular in the renaissance period made of starched linen or lace, or a similar fashion popular late seventeenth century and again in the early nineteenth century. More information...

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Ruff Collar

  • Material: linen (70% linen + 30% cotton)

Please measure your neck circumference using a tape measure, measure around your neck, keeping two fingers between the measuring tape and your neck. All measurements are in centimetres and inches. If your exact measurements aren't shown, choose the next size up for the best fit.

Ruff Size Chart according to neck circumference

  • S – 35.5 – 36,5cm (14-14.5“)
  • M – 38.0 – 39,5cm (15-15.5“)
  • L – 40,5 – 42.0cm (16-16.5“)
  • XL – 43.0 – 44.5cm (17-17.5“)
  • XXL -  45.5 – 47.0cm (18-18.5“)

Cleaning of the Ruff Collar

If you cannot take it to the cleaner's, you can wash it by your own in lukewarm water (30°C). Take washing powder or gel and a soft brush. Avoid using excessive strength during the cleaning. After rinsing the ruff collar, leave it drain and dry. It is inside reinforced by an insulated wire. Should the collar become distorted during the cleaning, you can easily rearrange it into the original form.

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