Mens' costume Thirty Years War

The Thirty Years War (1618–1648) was one of the most destructive conflicts in European history. The war was fought primarily (though not exclusively) in what is now Germany and at various points involved most of the countries of Europe. Naval warfare also reached overseas and shaped the colonial formation of future nations.

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Mens' costume Thirty Years War

Parts of the costume included in delivery:

  • vest
  • shirt
  • trousers
  • hat (optionally for corresponding extra charge)
  • Material: cotton (100%), duvetyn (100% cotton)

This costume "Thirty Years War" can be made in various colors according to these sample cards. Please note the requested color(s) into your order, in the field for your comment. Please specify always (1) the number of the sample card, (2) letter of the color, and (3) description of the colour (Example: 04-F- blue). If you choose a fabric with different composition, the price may change. Possible price change will be consulted with you before processing the order.

This costume "Thirty Years War" is available in standard sizes or can be made exactly to your measure at no additional charge. In the latter case please fill in this measurement chart after finishing your order.

Information about cleaning and care.

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18.1.2015 13:13

Michael Jakob


Ich habe nur die Jacke bestellt und war mit der Preis/Leistung sehr zufrieden. Sie passt sehr gut, das Material ist gut und die Verarbeitung ist ebenfalls gut.

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20.11.2015 15:06

Jörg Höfer

Hallo, ich wünsche mir eine andere Farbgebung des Kostüms. Das Wams und die Hose hätte ich gerne nach Baumwolle, Tafel 06- C -schwarz. Das Futter bitte in Duventine, Tafel 08 -C - beige.

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