Maasai Spear with Sheath

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Maasai Spear with Sheath

A symbol of power and strength for the proud Maasai people of East Africa is their elegant war spear. This fabled implement of the mature Maasai Moran or warrior is one of the most distinctive spears in the world with its long, narrow blade, short wooden handle and heavy counterbalancing butt spike or shoe. The spear is a warrior's most precious possession and never leaves his hand except to rest point up in the earth at his side. Actually, many Maasai Morans develop such faith in the lethal power of their spear that they refuse to flee from danger as long as it is close to hand. That's understandable since young Maasai Morans are required to kill a lion single-handedly with their spear to prove their worth and manhood.

Each spear is carefully cold-forged of high carbon steel and mated with a stout ash wood handle and sturdy counterbalancing spike. When fully assembled, it measures 6 ft long and weighs a bone shattering 3 lbs 2 ounces!

Delivered unassembled, the razor-sharp Maasai spear consists of three part: First the blade itself measures 22" long by 2" wide and is forged with a thick reinforcing rib that runs down the center almost to the very tip. Second is the brown American ash shaft with a double taper which fits into twin sockets connecting butt and blade. Third is the heavy solid steel butt spike that is also heat-treated to a hard spring temper, just like the fearsome blade. This butt spike serves a second purpose, as its pointed tip can be used in lieu of the blade when practicing, thereby preserving the razor-sharp edge of the spear. When fully assembled, these three components form a ferociously effective weapon!

Shipped in an attractive box, the Maasai spear includes a stout injection-molded sheath to help protect you from unwanted contact with the razor-sharp edge or point.

  • Material: high carbon steel head, American ash wood shaft
  • Overall length: approx.183 cm
  • Head length: approx.55,5 cm
  • Head width: approx.4.5 cm
  • Head weight: approx.592 g
  • Blade thickness: approx.2 mm
  • Total weight: approx.1620 g
  • Incl. black Secure-Ex® sheath

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