Reenactment knife hand-forged with leather sheath

Simple knife made from a single piece of carbon steel. The blade tang is forged, twisted and turned into a shape that is easy to grip for a human hand. As there is no traditional knife handle made of wood, leather etc., this vulnerable point simply does not exist on this knife. The only thing that can happen to the reenactment knife over time is that it corrodes. Rust can be removed in many effective ways and by sharpening the blade, such a knife can easily be restored to its original condition. More information...

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Reenactment knife hand-forged with leather sheath

Due to its historicising appearance, such a knife can be used for any historical period from the Iron Age to the present day. Thanks to its simple design, it is more suited to a figure of lower social status such as a bandit, vagabond or farm labourer.

In order to be able to carry the knife without risk of injury, it is supplied with a simple leather sheath with a retractable strap that secures the knife in the sheath against spontaneous removal.

  • Overall length 20 cm
  • Blade width at the widest point 26.92 mm
  • Thickness of the blade spine 5.95 mm
  • Thickness of the blade edge 0.48 mm
  • Weight of the knife 144 g
  • Weight of the leather sheath 25 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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