Mini Roman Centurion Helmet with Red Plume and Wooden Stand

Adding a touch of historicity to your contemporary or medieval setting will make your gorgeous décor stand out! this stunning Roman Centurion mini helmet is crafted with great precision to detail, making it an incredible gift for all history enthusiasts and perhaps, all the art lovers out there! To make placing it even more hassle-free, we provide a sturdy wooden stand with it, well-crafted from ETHICALLY SOURCED WOOD. More information...

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Mini Roman Centurion Helmet with Red Plume and Wooden Stand

This helmet is HANDMADE from tough 20gauge MILD STEEL and has a chrome finish, giving it an eye-catching appeal, not to mention its durability that allows it to last for years. With PURE BRASS DETAILS and an emblematic red plume, its flimsy replicas available on the market do not stand a chance.

  • Helmet height incl. plume 161mm
  • Total height including stand 300mm
  • Helmet diameter / width 80mm
  • Stand base diameter 98mm
  • Stand height 180mm
  • Helmet weight 320 g
  • Stand weight 119 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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