Suede Gloves with Butted Chainmail

If there is something that stands out as historically popular and efficient hand protection, it is this carefully crafted chainmail gauntlets. Its recurring appearance in the Maciejowski Bible, as part of armoured knights’ and warriors’ ensembles, makes it an exceptional piece of equipment used on well-known battlefields of medieval Europe. Looking forward to preparing your Crusader outfit for the upcoming reenactment? Try this medieval chainmail gloves! More information...

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Suede Gloves with Butted Chainmail

Meticulously sewn on the outer side of the palm of 38cm long SUPPLE SUEDE GLOVES is a chainmail pattern made of 4-in-1 BUTTED 17 gauge MILD STEEL rings (6mm diameter each). The ethically sourced suede leather makes it comfortable to don for long hours, while the chainmail offers protection in combat. Its historically inspired design makes it ideal for reenactments, medieval fairs, and events.

  • Total length of the glove 44cm
  • Weight of pair 790 g
  • Circumference across the first knuckles (width x 2) approx. 30 cm
  • Glove size approx. 9 - 10

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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