Sundial pendat from brass

The nocturnal is a star clock devised to determine the time at night by using fixed stars visible in the Northern Hemisphere. On the reverse side, a historic tidal computer will help you calculate the time of high tides at your current location. This brass nocturnal is fully functional and can be used in just a few steps. Worn as a decorative pendant or amulet, it is a true eye-catcher that will round off your medieval garb in a beautiful manner. More information...

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Pocket Sundial, pendat from brass

As an amulet or pendant, the pocket sundial made of brass is sure to attract curious glances. The ring sundial is reliable worldwide and can be used in just four steps. Instructions for use are included with each sundial in multiple languages.

  • Made of solid brass and steel and black ink coating
  • Fully assembled, weight 40 g
  • Diameter 60mm / 2.36 inches
  • Includes 10 language instruction manual
  • Comes in organic cork inlay with elegant white slider case
  • Outer and inner ring can be folded together for easy transport

Can be used around the world to indicate the local solar time

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