Waiter folding knife Handy 236-NN-4

The original handy folding knife Handy is made of all-metal stainless steel type 420 with a hardness of 53-55 HRc, has three functions, is equipped with a quality corkscrew, a crown opener and a quality stainless steel blade - foils can be cut. More information...

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Waiter folding knife Handy 236-NN-4

The knife can be used for quick and safe removal of cork from bottles, corks, etc., it is also a suitable companion for camping, camping, grilling or use in the garden. The Handy knife is very practical, compact and corrosion-resistant.
It is possible to create the required text or logo with a laser on the blade or the body of the knife.
This knife is also supplied on board CSA aircraft.
The weight of the knife is 0.098 kg, the length of the knife is 140mm.
The Handy waiter's knife is a high-quality product from the Mikov cutlery company.

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