Grafting knife 805-NH-2

Graft knives are mainly used by fruit and rose growers. They are usually produced as folding, in the size of ten to eighteen centimeters, but smaller knives are more suitable for rafting. More information...

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Grafting knife 805-NH-2

Professional gardening knives from the Czech knife manufacturer Mikov, based in Mikulášovice in Bohemian Switzerland, are a combination of tradition, craftsmanship and modern technology.

For fruiterers and rose specialists 2 in 1

They have a narrower, usually unilaterally grinded blade of various shapes.
The grafting knife has a rounded tip, the inoculation has a bluntly tipped end - it is used to loosen the bark during inoculation. There are also folding knives with two blades, one for grafting, the other for vaccination.
The handle is plastic.
The blade with the Mikov logo is made of high-quality 420 stainless steel with a hardness of 53-55 HRc with high cutting power, the blade is grinded on one side. The handles are made of highly durable plastic.

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