4 party knives, action set Ruby

4 party knives, action set Ruby
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4 party knives, action set Ruby

1 piece of kitchen knife 400-ND-20 / RUBY

The kitchen knife 400-ND-20 / RUBY is an excellent companion for every household and restaurant business. It enables comfortable slicing of meat, vegetables and herbs, it is suitable for fast slicing, so-called rocking, when the front part of the blade still touches the cut surface, thus enabling fast and efficient work.

1 piece fruit knife 406-ND-11 / RUBY

The 406-ND-11 / RUBY FRUIT KNIFE is a suitable helper for cutting all fruits.

1 paring knife 407-ND-11 Z / RUBY

The vegetable knife 407-ND-11Z / RUBY is a suitable helper when cutting all types of vegetables. The blade is equipped with teeth that allow you to cut vegetables with ease. There are two points at the tip of the knife, which ensure comfortable piercing of cut vegetables.

1 piece paring knife 409-ND-9 / RUBY

The paring knife 409-ND-9 / RUBY is slightly curved and is suitable for peeling fruit and vegetables.

Advantages of RUBY knives

  1. Ergonomic handle shape specially developed for this knife
  2. The front bolster protects fingers from injury
  3. The rear handle fitting protects the knife from damage.

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