X-Bow FMA Supersonic XL AR-15 stick with L-shaft 330fps 120lbs

X-Bow FMA Supersonic XL AR-15 stick with L-shaft 330fps 120lbs
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With the new Supersonic, an extremely powerful pistol crossbow is coming onto the market, which effectively implements the compound principle, thereby achieving unimagined performance values. Due to the ultra-compact size, the pistol crossbow has a draw weight of 120 lbs and therefore generates bolt speeds of up to 362 km/h, depending on the bolt used. Because of this, it is suitable for shooting distances of up to 60m. Such performance values are only known from larger crossbows! More information...

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X-Bow FMA Supersonic XL AR-15 stick with L-shaft

The new, revised and improved cable system ensures that the Supersonic can be tensioned easily. To do this, simply pull on the rear handle and cock the crossbow. Due to the clamping system, the maximum force to be applied over the entire length of the power stroke does not exceed 40lbs.

Due to the production in the USA, the pistol crossbow is significantly more durable in order to tickle the maximum performance and durability out of the construction.

The small Supersonic also equips the X-BOW FMA with an adjustable L-shaft. With the new, extended shaft, the Supersonic fits the hand even better and can therefore be optimally adjusted to every shooter. The material is made of high-quality, glass-fibre reinforced and heat-resistant plastic with a non-slip surface.

In a nutshell:

  • L-shape design ensures ultra-compact and lightweight construction
  • A more stable stand ensures more steadiness in the shot and a better hit pattern
  • The adjustable shoulder rest allows length adjustments
  • Up to 25cm longer than the original X-BOW FMA Supersonic

Technical specifications:

  • Draw weight: 120 lbs
  • Bolt Speed:
  • 300-330fps with the high range bolts (approx. 80grain)
  • 280-300fps with the standard bolts (approx. 111grain)
  • 230-250fps with the high impact bolts (approx. 150grain)
  • Weight: 1.12kg
  • Power stroke: 7 inches (approx. 17.8cm)
  • Length: 16.5 inches (about 42cm)
  • Width (stretched, center to center): 5 inches (approx. 12.7cm)
  • Width (unstretched, center to center): 7.9 inches (approx. 20.1cm)
  • Sight rail: 19mm

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x crossbow
  • 3x high impact bolts with a total length of 28.5 cm
  • mounting material
  • German instructions

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