Meadow for Arrow Safe 1 meter high x 2 meters wide

With this backstop mat offered here with a height of 1 meter and a width of 2 meters you get a maximum of backstop quality and reliability. Due to the design of the material and the highly complex manufacturing process paired with our experience in the field of arrow traps, you get a first-class arrow trap that meets the highest demands. More information...

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Meadow for Arrow Safe 1 meter high x 2 meters wide

We launched our first backstop mat back in 2010 and successfully registered it with the German Trademark and Patent Office.

This backstop mat is specially made for lower targets like on a 3D course.

Our backstop mat meets the highest quality requirements and thus brings a high level of safety in archery, despite its rather simple appearance.

Why is such a backstop mats needed? If an arrow misses the target, or the backstop mat brakes the arrow depending on the speed. Not only is it safer, it is also the arrows, it prevents arrow breakage. It also saves you cash. The area behind the backstop mat is protected.

Such a backstop mat can also serve as a backstop on 3D parcours. Due to the subtle colour scheme, the backstop mat is not very noticeable. But it ensures that the 3D animal is better perceived.

This backstop mat shines with a very good price-performance ratio, made in Germany.

Extensive tests certify the backstop mat with the best results ever. The backstop mat is attached or hung up using one of the steel cables and clips supplied.

Die-cut eyelets for hanging the backstop mats are a thing of the past. Because such eyelets like to travel out of the mats. Our backstop mat is hung up with clips. The material density can fluctuate by +-10%, which affects the strength.

The scope of delivery includes:

  • The backstop mat in the appropriate length that you choose.
  • The plastic-sheathed wire rope in the appropriate length.
  • The 3 fastening clips.
  • Wire rope clamp
  • Turnbuckle
  • Convince yourself of the advantages of our backstop mat:
  • Great price-performance ratio
  • Excellent arrow stopper
  • Extremely long shelf life
  • Subtle colour
  • The accessories are galvanized and thus protected against corrosion
  • Preference is justified in the European movement of goods

Made in Germany

Your team from Archery Beier in Untersiemau. The manufacturer of quality products from Germany for archery.

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