Backstop Netting Extra Strong 3m high, lenght(m) = order quantity

Our backstop netting is established taking into account the highest quality standards in a special manufacturing process. No other production method provides similar results regarding structural and possible combinations of the fabric! Our backstop netting is a product of the highest quality class and offers an excellent price-performance ratio. MADE IN GERMANY. More information...

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Item number: 12275

Backstop Netting Extra Strong 3m high, lenght(m) = order quantity

Important: Always read the instruction!

The safety that the backstop offers is the most important factor in archery.

With our backstop netting it is so that the threads can move in the arrow catching net. It means: it is, when the arrow hits already energy dissipated and the arrow is deflected before penetration, so that more energy is dissipated. As far as we know, no other manufacturer of backstop netting does that.

Please convince yourself of the advantages of our backstop netting:

  • After comparative test: an ultimate arrow stopper
  • Unbeatable in terms of price–performance
  • Indestructible, long durability
  • Fits due to its colour well to the natural environment
  • Low curl
  • All accessories is protected from corrosion (galvanized or plastic)
  • Authorized for preference in European trade


The power is supplied with a galvanized and coated steel wire rope, and with hooks for hanging. In addition, you get to request additional accessories, such as:

  • Tightener (Item No. 759) for tensioning the wire rope
  • Galvanized wire-rope clips (Item No. 758), to create loops at the cable ends replacement parts
  • Galvanized steel wire rope (Item No. 757), without a picture, is always be delivered with the backstop netting
  • Hooks for the backstop netting made of galvanized steel or plastic (Item No. 2726) are always delivered with the backstop netting.
  • The backstop netting can be purchased in rolls (50m), as well as pre-cut

The photos are examples, the hooks may have a difference in shape, colour and size, as also be made of plastic or metal.

Our recommendation:

Depending on the type of the bows whose drawing weights and the arrows, you can hang up the backstop netting twice (in 2 layers). We ask you also to think of to secure the side areas with the backstop netting. For clubs / schools, we also offer special solutions.

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