Medieval buckler shield 40.5cm

A buckler (fist shield) is an armament that has been in constant use since the earliest times of the Middle Ages throughout the Renaissance, until its predominant weapons made it obsolete. This blister consists of 2mm thick iron with fixed rivet connections. Iron handle reinforced with iron handle for a firm hold, even if the palms start to sweat. More information...

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Medieval buckler shield 40.5cm

Whether it's deflecting sword attacks or hitting your opponent with the shield, this buckler is simply reliable in battle. This fist shield is handcrafted from robust, 2 mm thick mild steel and comes with a metal holder that is reinforced with a wooden handle. It is a fully functional shield that can be used for historical re-enactments and as decoration.

  • Diameter 40.5cm
  • The handle is approx. 15cm long
  • Steel sheet thickness 2mm
  • Thickness of the edge fold (flange) 3.72mm
  • Weight about 2890 g

While other shields are used in combination with many weapons such as swords, axes, maces, or spears, puncher are generally only used with one-handed swords. Later, during the Renaissance, the buckler was often used as an accessory in combat with a rapier or sword.

Another key difference to the sign is its mounting. In contrast to the shield attached to the arm, the wrinkle is only held in the hand, which gives it greater mobility. This allows it to rotate to protect the hand of the sword from either side and to turn it off to face the blow or blow itself.

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