Halberd Sofredus, 16th century.

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Halberd Sofredus, 16th century.

  • Weight 2350 g
  • Overall length 224.5cm including wooden shaft
  • The whole metal halberd-head is in total 55cm long and 23.5cm wide
  • The blade of the halberd is 4.1mm thick
  • Embossed clover leaf on one side of the blade - maker's mark
  • Thickness of the striking edge 1.5mm
  • The spike is made of consists of 12mm square steel
  • The top of the spike it is thinned to a 5.5mm prism
  • The wooden shaft is studded on two sides with 48cm long and 14.8mm wide steel strips (langets) to protect the shaft from edged weapons
  • Each langet is riveted with 5 rivets
  • The shaft is made of octagonal-section wood with a diameter of 35.6mm / 36.5mm
  • Metal parts made of mild steel 

Specifications may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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