Armguard Jack Chains 1,2mm

This pair of Armguards Jack Chains is made of 1.2mm carbon steel. The individual segments are connected by riveted joints and solid metal rings. The insides of the metal plates are painted black to protect against corrosion. These armguards come with leather cords with which you can tie them to the arms over the arming jack. We recommend that the preservative vellum be removed from the armguards before attaching them to the arming jack. Paper towels prowed to be effective for this purpose. More information...

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Armguard Jack Chains 1,2mm

  • Total length approx. 63cm
  • The arm guards consist of four segments / parts
  • The forearm plate is approx. 11.3cm long and approx. approx. 4.7cm wide
  • The elbow plate is about 16.4cm long and approx. 12.5cm wide
  • The upper-arm-plate is approx. 10.5cm long and approx. 3cm wide
  • The shoulder plate is about 14cm long and approx. 16cm
  • Material thickness about 1.2mm
  • Weight approx. 920 g (both arm guards)

Such arm and shoulder guards were generally used by conscripts and in the late Middle Ages, who could not afford an expensive plate armor. The deployment in later periods is documented by Border Reivers at the northern border of England and Scotland. Such rather primitive guards were able to effectively prevent severe cuts on the arms and shoulders as they were attached to the arm line, which is prone to cutting attacks in combat.

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