High Tensile Butted Chainmail Voiders

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High Tensile Butted Chainmail Voiders

  • The total length is approximately 62cm (24 1/2'')

Hand crafted from 9mm butted steel rings, these chainmail voiders can be sewn onto a gambeson to provide protection for underarms and sides where platemail pieces leave unprotected, filling in the gaps in armour without the full weight of a chainmail hauberk / haubergeon.

This set of chainmail voiders are crafted from links of high tensile wire that have been butted end-to-end. The links are 9mm in diameter and 16 gauge (approx. 1,6mm thick) in thickness. These mail panels are ideal for sewing onto the sides and under-arms of a gambeson; this gives some mail protection in areas left vulnerable by plate armor. On their own they can be used as an up-armor upgrade to a standard gambeson. 

It is a kind of gutter made of chain-mail-mesh. It is to be stitched to the sleeves from the bottom and the sides of the padded jack or gambeson. The chain parts protect the trunk from the sides and partly from the front and from behind. The arms are protected from below and partly from the front and from behind.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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