Viking Runestones in Bag - 25 Runes


This is a set of 25 inscribed polished Viking Runestones in a black velvet bag. This set of runes is a reproduction of the Elder Futhark runic alphabet. More information...

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25 Etched Viking Runestones in Bag

  • The individual stones vary in size and shape.
  • Approximate diameter of the stones approx. 2-3cm
  • The fabric bag is approx. 11cm long
  • Weight approx. 296 g

The Elder Futhark runes are the oldest known Germanic runic alphabet and was used by the north-western Germanic tribes for the Migration period dialects. Its inscriptions are found on artefacts (including jewellery, amulets, tools, weapons, and runestones) from the 2nd to 8th centuries.

The oldest dateable artefact for the existence of Futhark alphabet was found on the Vimose comb from Denmark. The first known sequential listing of the full Futhark set of 24 runes dates to approximately 400AD on the Kylver Stone in Gotland, Sweden.

Complete with a velvet bag, the set includes 25 stones in total, 24 stones for each letter of the Elder Futhark alphabet as well as an additional blank stone used for modern divination. The blank rune stone is called is called Wyrd and symbolizes fate and destiny.

An interesting accessory for LARP spell casters, Viking reenactors and new age rune casters divination

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

25-Feb 2022
Tomáš Vávra
verified review
Za tu cenu si není nač stěžovat. Některé kamínky lehce odřené. Ale celkový dojem je dobrý. Fajn pomůcka na věštění. :)

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