Roman / Greek Leather Greaves With Lozenge Pattern

The primary purpose of greaves is to protect the tibia from attack. The tibia is a bone very close to the skin, and is therefore extremely vulnerable to just about any kind of attack. These leather greaves with lozenge pattern provide protection, adjust to fit your legs perfectly, and look very good – that means they can be worn with a wide variety of garb. These impressive shin protectors are decorated with a large lozenge pattern accented with metal studs at the intersections. More information...

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Roman / Greek Leather Greaves With Lozenge Pattern

These greaves are around 36cm long and made of genuine leather with a robust thickness of almost 5mm. The riveting and the eyelets for the lacing on the underside are made of metal.

  • The length from the knee to the ankle is approximately 277mm
  • The width at the knee is approx. 277mm
  • Width at the ankle approx. 210mm
  • One pair of these shin guards weighs approx. 298 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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