Hard leather buckler

The buckler is a defensive weapon used since the 12th century until the 18th century. It is well known that a light and resistant buckler was sought in the civilian environments, able to parry attacks of weapons of all kinds, lighter than those used in war. The boiled leather buckler appears in many written references that talk about the piece itself (Cuir bouilli = boiled leather). This proven buckler represents a balance between protection and lightness. More information...

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Hard leather buckler

This model especially has in its centre a shield boss of steel which has 2mm of thickness rimmed by a piece of hardened leather of 9mm and fixed by 4 rivets; thus achieving a sturdy and firm outfit for both defence and attack.

The buckler features a steel grip with rosewood handle fastened by brass rivets. The steel ends of the grip are decorated in a way typical for medieval armours, knives and weapons. 

  • Material: Steel, leather and wood.
  • Total diameter: approx. 33cm
  • Leather thickness: approx. 9mm
  • Shield boss diameter: approx. 13cm
  • Shield boss thickness: approx. 2mm
  • Grip width: approx. 11cm.
  • Weight: approx. 1.35 kg

Please note: Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used on its manufacturing. The steel is untreated and may have rust. To protect the steel you may rub it with mineral or synthetic oil.

The Hard leather buckler is made out of genuine cow leather. For production are chosen materials that are not completely homogenous, small marks on the vamp may appear and the shoes get so an authentic look. The texture and exact colour-tone may vary from exemplar to exemplar because of the use of natural materials and traditional techniques of dying.

This is a high-quality-product, made by Marshal Historical.

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