One-handed battle axes

The one-handed battle axe is an axe used in battle and handled with just one hand. In contrast to a sword, a battle ax has the center of gravity in the area of the ax head. This makes the beats of an ax more powerful than sword blows. An ax can cut with its sharp blade, but it is also mainly caused by the kinetic energy resulting from the weight of the ax head. While a sword cuts, an one-handed battle axe chops.

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One-handed battle axes

An one-handed battle axe ax is not suitable for "fencing", since the direction during the stroke can hardly be corrected. The ax is also hardly suitable for paring. An ax fighter either has to deflect or use a shield according to the opponent's blows. Two-handed axes, such as the Poleaxe (murder ax), were more suited to fencing. They were used in a stockpile-like style. These techniques have also been described in fencing books.

The greatest difficulty with the use of battle axes is the same as with all other heavy weapons: the high weight, which is responsible for the damage, leads to a faster fatigue of the fighter. The advantages of a battle ax compared to a sword are the higher robustness, lower cost and higher penetration force through armor. We also offer matching axe cases for one-handed disputes.

Battle-ax replicas are not intended for real use, such as wood splitting. They are made of non-hardened structural steel, which fully meets its purpose (reenactment, historical fencing). These modern and outdoor axes are intended for practical use.