Leather Axe Sheaths

The Leather Axe Sheaths offered here are sometimes referred to as Leather Axe Edge Guards or Hatchet holsters. We decided to include them into our internet store, since you had asked for them very often. As we noted, you take our axes along on your journeys, carry or transport them with you, and want them to remain undamaged during the transport. You also want to prevent that other things get damaged or even someone gets injured. For sharpened axes such protection is a must. But dull axes can get notches or jags in use or in combat, which, for example, can cause scratches inside of your car.

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Leather Axe Sheaths

Yes, it is possible to clean the ax after use and wrap it in a strong cloth. However, the heavy fabric must always be carried along with you, and it can absorb moisture. If you wrap your ax in a damp cloth, it will be of no benefit neither to the steel axe head nor to the wooden haft! An ideal solution is a protective Leather Axe Sheath. It is made exactly to measure the ax and it is light. You do not have to worry about its storage, especially when it comes with belt loop(s). You will carry it with you without having to think about it. A belt axe-sheath provides another advantage - the axe is always at hand quickly.

We recommend ordering a protective axe-sheath always with the ax in one order. In such case, we pass the ax directly onto our saddler. The fact that the sheath fits perfectly, you can open and close it well, is essential and guaranteed by us! If you already have an ax and only need the axe sheath, send us your ax and we make a perfectly fitting sheath for it. It does not matter that the ax was not bought from us. Unfortunately, we do not make the axe-sheaths after emailed measurements. We have bad experiences with this progress. If the sheath should not fit, it would be unpleasant for both sides. Thank you for your understanding.