Chainmail leggings

From the 12th century onwards, there were also attempts to protect the rider's legs, the best of which were chainmall leggings. At first, it was just stockings below the knees, because leg armour covered the rider's legs. Later, blacksmiths began to stretch their leg protection up to their thighs and tie them to their belts. Chainmall leggings were solved in two ways. Either as a whole stocking, or as a sleeve that only covered the upper leg and was firmly sewn to the leather foot.

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The Evolution of Chainmail Armour
The Evolution of Chainmail Armour
Historical armor
Chainmail armour, or ring armour, was the most widespread and longest-used type of armour throughout history. From Antiquity to the Early Modern Period (or even longer in certain regions), ring armour was widely used by warriors throughout Europe,…