Sushi Knives

Japanese specialty Sushi is one of the world's favourite dishes today. Some people try to make their own sushi at home, which is not quite an easy job. The most important tool is a special sushi knife. With it you can cut vegetables and fish into thin slices and then evenly cut the finished rolls.

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Sushi Knives

Sushi knives are usually very long. They measure at least 30 centimeters (12 inches). On the othet hand it is true that the longer the blade, the harder you can handle the knife. The blade of the sushi knife is narrow, sharp and smooth, which contributes to an easy cutting. Such a knife must be firm, but elastic at the same time. The blade-cut is often double-sided, sometimes only one-sided. Knives Sashimi and Yanagiba are especially renowned for their quality.

Before cutting the sushi rolls, you should lightly sharpen the knife blade and polish the edge with a sharpening steel and wash the knife well. The Sushi Rolls should be cut when the rice is still warm. It's important how you hold the knife in your hand. With the thumb and forefinger you hold the bottom of the blade, while three other fingers wrap around the handle. Japanese also say that it is better to pull the knife when cutting than to apply pressure to it. A good cut facilitates a moistened blade. Before each cut you should clean the blade - dried rice on the blade spoils a good cutting performance.

Sushi knives can also be used to portion meat and fish. For more information about Sushi Knives, see our article Sushi Knives.