Finger tabs and arm guards

Are you also pursuing the archery? Would you like to be as good shooter as legendary Robin Hood or William Tell? You should possess also quality finger tab and arm guard besides bow and arrows. Archery is a beautiful sport, but it can be also dangerous and painful, if you are not careful. You will find the large range of finger tabs and arm guards in our e-shop.

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Finger tabs and arm guards

Three types of bows are distinguished in the current archery: long bows, recurve bows and compound bows. An arrow rest, sight, stabilizer, peep sight, nocking loop, release aid, arm guard, finger tab and quiver should be part of every bow. Possession of a bowcase is suitable. The case will protect the bow from heat and moisture. And every archer should have lots of arrows and a target and target face.

Finger tabs and arm guards are important parts of archery equipment, because archery can be rather painful sport. Use these guards to prevent possible injuries. Finger tabs are small leather or synthetic patches that protect archer's fingers from the bowstring. There are more kinds of finger guards. Archery gloves are used for shooting with long bows. Finger tabs are used for shooting with sports bows. Arm guards are commonly made from leather or plastic. Our archery guards are made from quality leather.