Bowstring waxes

Are you also pursuing the archery? You will find everything needed for archery in our e-shop: bows, arrows, target faces, archery targets, bowstrings and bowstring waxes. Take a look at out products and choose the right thing for you! Our waxes and conditioners for bowstrings are a guarantee of quality. Enjoy archery without unnecessary worries!

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Bowstring waxes

Bowstrings are inflexible parts of the bows. They are simple, reverse-twisted or looped. You will find many various bowstrings in our e-shop. Treat the string correctly to work long and well. Bowstrings waxes are the right means for the care. You can choose ordinary bowstring wax or bowstring wax with conditioner and other adjuvants. These bowstring waxes will prevent fraying string, abrasion and moisture.

Three types of bows are distinguished in the current archery: long bows, recurve bows and compound bows. Long bow has been used since the Middle Ages. It is the oldest and simplest type of bow. It is mostly composed from one-piece materials. This shooting is instinctive, without sights. Recurve bows are used during the Olympics. This shooting may be instinctive or using sight. Compound bows have the most complex construction. They are modern sports bows that use a levering system. They are produced in bulk only about 50 years.