Blades of the Samurai Swords

Do you own a samurai sword and want to buy a new blade? Then you're in the right place. We offer quality, handmade blades for your swords. Owning a sword was strictly defined for samurai warriors in a detailed label. According to the blade length, swords were divided into three types: the long sword Katana - Daito, a short sword (Wakizashi) and an even shorter sword or rather a dagger (Tanto). In Japan, the sword has a privileged position and also great symbolism. The samurai sword blades always have a curved shape, and the combination of a mild steel back and a hardened blade ensures the blades great strength with a durable blade. In addition, the original and high-quality samurai swords have a soft core inserted into the hard steel blade.

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How to Choose a Samurai Sword (Katana)
How to Choose a Samurai Sword (Katana)
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So, you're looking for a samurai sword. Don't worry, it doesn’t take a samurai to pick the right one. Some swords can be used for sword collections, other swords for practicing fighting techniques, and other swords only as decoration. This unique…