Trousers and pantaloons

The basic men's clothing in the Middle Ages was a tunic, skirt and trousers. Of course, it always depended on the wearer's wealth. Richer men dressed more ostentatiously, poorer men simply and decently. Ordinary men wore trousers, especially on colder days. When it was warm, all they had was their underpants (so-called bellies), which used to be wide and ruffled. They used to be long to the calves or to the ankles. Pants were worn over the abdomen. They were simple and of various lengths. Slavic men usually bandaged their legs with so-called wraps or onucias. They were actually strips of fabric wrapped around their legs, sometimes to the calf and sometimes even over their trousers.

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Order a Custom-Tailored Costume from Outfit4Events. Here is How!
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