Archery target faces

Do you go in for the archery? Then you will need also archery target faces besides a bow and arrows. Shop a complete selection of official Archery Target Faces at Outfit4Events. Choose from Paper Archery Targets, FITA Faces and Animal shooting bags. You will find everything needed for archery in our e-shop. We offer archery target faces of different sizes and colours in this category.

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Archery target faces

Archery target faces and targets are essential parts of equipment for archery. Animal target faces are used in field archery tournaments around the world. Round Faces are F.I.T.A. approved, regulation target faces for leisure and tournament use.

Archery target faces are placed on the targets. They can have different sizes and colours, at your convenience. They are made from special paper reinforced with nylon fibres for a longer lifespan. We recommend trying shooting bags for a more fun. These jute bags often are a substitute for 3D wild archery targets. The bags are printed with bear or boar template. The bags are to be filled with a soft material capable of a fast stopping the arrow.