Japanese Samurai and Katana Decorative Sword Sets

In our offer you will find beautiful 3 Piece Sets of samurai swords that can give your home an exotic touch. These are decorative replicas that imitate expensive original samurai swords.

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Japanese Samurai and Katana Decorative Sword Sets

Since the 15th century samurai used long sword, so-called Katana. Such a sword consists of a curved blade and a mount (koshirae), to which tsuba, habaki, fuchi, and tsuka (hand grip) further belong. Samurai usually wore this sword together with the shorter sword Wakizashi inserted behind the belt. This sword set was called Daisho and symbolized the social class of samurais. It was basically the only property of a samurai. Sometimes Japanese fighters also wore a personal dagger, called Tantó.

In our assortment we have these Samurai Katana Sword 3 Piece Sets, which usually consist three of the above-mentioned weapons. Their blades are mostly made of easy-care stainless steel. The blades of the swords are protected by scabbards. These are often made of wood or plastic and painted their surface. Sheaths and handles from these decorative sets are usually beautifully decorated with various ornaments or with the fittings in the form of dragons. The Samurai swords also deliver decent wooden or plastic stands.

Please keep in mind that these samurai sword sets are for decoration only. They are not suitable for combat. Be sure to keep them out of the reach of small children. Reckless handling could namely lead to injury.