Samurai sword display stands

You already own a Japanese sword (Katana, Wakizashi or Tanto knife). These weapons look very elegant and it would be a pity to close them in a closet. A nice sword display stand would be a great accessory to your rare Japanese weapon sword. Old Japanese held their samurai swords in high regard. They reserved a special place on a sword display stand in the house. You will find both cheaper items, as well as luxurious and expensive models in our shop . You can choose either a table stand or a wall mount holder. They are usually designed for 1 to 3 swords, but we also offer a stand for even eight swords.

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Japanese sword display stands

The stands in our offer are made of wood, only the cheaper pieces are made of plywood. They are often painted black or stained. The spots where the sword scabbards and handles touch the stand, are covered with felt or cloth. Thanks to the soft fabric, you do not have to worry about the polished finish getting scratched on the stand. There are simple models of Japanese sword display stands without decoration, but there are also sword stands with decoration, painting or carving. For example, stands may be decorated with a dragon motif, a samurai emblem, or the coat-of-arms-like Japanese monogram Mon associated with the plant motifs. If you place your samurai swords on a display stands, you can admire its beauty and perfection whenever you enter the room.