Miscellaneous shoes

Are you planning a historical event, or perhaps a carnival? Have you already chosen costume? Do you need suitable historical shoes? Maybe you will find them in the category "Miscellaneous shoes". There are Irish dance shoes, Indian boots from genuine leather, riding boots or Cowboy boots de Luxe.

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Miscellaneous shoes

10,000 years old sandals are the first surviving shoes. Shoes were always used mainly by wealthier people. Even today, people go barefoot in the poorest countries of the world. Production of footwear underwent significant development in the course of time. However, many types of different shoes have always been made. You will take your historical costume to perfection thanks to our miscellaneous shoes.

Many types of historical shoes can be found in our e-shop. There are e.g. Baroque shoes, Art Nouveau shoes, medieval shoes, sandals, low shoes, boots, etc. We offer miscellaneous shoes in this category. You can choose for example Irish dance shoes, Indian boots from genuine leather, riding boots, Cowboy boots de Luxe, Hell Angel boots and other historical shoes. Our miscellaneous shoes are made in detail and in high-quality, with a love for the craft and history too.