Weapons And Armour for Children: Making Children's Dreams Come True!

Weapons And Armour for Children: Making Children's Dreams Come True!
Do you have a little knight at home who dreams about conquering a castle and protecting his kingdom with a sword? We have good news for both you and your little one! All you need is a weapon and armour. But how to keep everyone safe? Don’t worry! We know how to create a safe, medieval world in which nobody gets hurt. Let the adventure begin!

Safe, High-Quality Replica Weapons for Kids

The best way to turn your child’s dream into reality is getting a safe replica designed for children. You can choose between wooden toy swords, sabres, toy daggers or toy shields. We offer original replicas of historical weapons that will bring big joy to your little ones! 

As a parent, you may be worried whether children's axes, swords and other types of toy weapons are really safe. Let us assure you that our wooden weapons are designed to be safe for children. They are made of high-quality wood or plastic. They are both strong and light-weight, which makes them pretty easy to handle even for little warriors. Children's weapons at Outfit4events are ideal for knight parties or medieval-themed games and inspire creativity.

No Medieval Look Without An Armour!

In addition to children's swords and axes, we also offer children's armour. Our armours are specially designed for children and are made of high-quality materials. They give your little fearless warrior the feeling of safety and protection, as they embark on their conquering missions. 

We recommend getting a chainmail for children or a breast plate. Don't forget a helmet. Our portfolio of helmets for children include great helms with hinged visor and Viking helmets, and many other types. Additionally, you can get a wooden shield that goes well with a wooden sword.

Children's Bows And Crossbows For Better Concentration

In addition to children's swords, axes and knights' armour, we also offer children's bows and children's crossbows. They are perfect for little warriors who want to train their shooting skills. Our children's bows and crossbows are safe and easy to use, allowing children to learn a new skill and improve coordination. Most of our children's bows are made of wood or plastic. If you want to know more, read our article Buying a Bow for Kids? We Will Show You How

Children can start archery at the age of 4 and gradually work on improving their skills. One day, they may become masters of archery, or keep doing this fascinating sport as a hobby.

Make Sure They Are Safe

Even though our toy swords and axes are considered to be safe, we still recommend to watch your children as they play around with their weapons. Adult supervision is always recommended to make sure there are no accidents. Teach your children how the weapons are used and what they should (not) do to stay safe.

How To Use Weapons Safely

  1. We should warn you that even though toy weapons are made of safe materials, they are not entirely harmless. You should always supervise your child when they are using any type of weapon.
  2. Make sure the child's weapon complies with toy safety regulations.
  3. Never allow your child to modify the weapon in any way (for example, to replace its parts or remove safety features).
  4. Study the instructions carefully before using the weapons.
  5. Before use, check the weapons for signs of damage or defects and make sure all parts are in good condition.
  6. Make sure the child uses the weapons in a safe environment where there is no risk of injury or property damage.
  7. Explain to your child how to safely use the weapon and tell them to never point the weapon at people or animals.
  8. Teach your child that a weapon is not a toy and must be used carefully and responsibly.
  9. When the weapon is no longer being used, store it in a safe place, out of the reach of children.

Why Choose Our Children's Weapons & Armour

Children's swords, axes and armour help develop imagination and creativity! Our toy weapons are safe and easy to use, allowing children to learn new skills and improve their motor skills. 

For older children, you can choose between our knives for youngsters that will turn every trip into an exciting adventure! Unlike the weapons mentioned before, these knives are sharp, so they should be used with care and only by children with some experience in using knives. 

If you want to get a historical weapon for yourself, look around in our shop for replica weapons for adults! We have plenty. Collectors will appreciate high-quality miniature helmets that will add medieval look to any interior.

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