Leather Buff Coat, 17th century

The buff coat seems to replace the gambesson when we arrive to the end of the 16th C.Perfect for the re-enactment of the Golden Age, the Thirty Years war, or the English Civil War. The European buff coat (the term deriving from the ox or buffalo hide from which it was commonly made and its yellowish colour) was an item of leather clothing worn by cavalry and officers during the 17th century, it also saw limited use by some infantry. It was often worn under armour. It was derived from the simple leather jerkins worn by huntsmen and soldiers during the Tudor period, these in turn deriving from the arming doublet worn under full plate armour. More information...

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Leather Buff Coat, 17th century

Made in 2.5 to 3mm suede as the original pieces to offer the same protection. We recommend you to apply horse grease to the piece.

  • Made by Marshal Historical
Size Chest circumference Arm length
M 115cm / 45,3" 64cm / 25,2"
L 125cm / 49,2" 66cm / 26"
XL 135cm / 53,1" 68cm / 26,8"
XXL 145cm / 57" 70cm / 27,6"

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