Small Viking Box Brooch Gotland

This piece of jewellery is a so-called box brooch, or drum brooch, as mainly and commonly found in the Swedish province of Gotland in the Viking Age. Dosspännen (Swedish term) stood out from the then widely spread oval brooches/fibulae in that they featured a raised edge. They were mostly used by women as garment clasps and worn on the chest to hold cloaks and shawls in place. For this particular replica, the base plate was intentionally left out in order to keep the brooch lightweight and reasonably priced. More information...

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Small Viking Box Brooch Gotland 

  • Material: bronze or silver-plated
  • Weight: approx. 33 g
  • Diameter about 44.8mm
  • Height about 9.9mm
  • Material thickness approx. 1.6mm

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