Throwing dagger kit colored, 12 pcs. with nylon bag

Twelve throwing daggers made of 420 stainless steel black coated and wrapped around the handle with a cord. The blade tips are color-anodised in the colors blue, red and green. Delivery including nylon bag. More information...

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Item number: 3843

Throwing dagger kit colored, 12 pcs. with nylon bag

  • Total length 150mm
  • Weight 33 g

Please throw with the knife at soft materials, into which the knife can thrust well. Suitable is soft wood or foam target boards. An ideal choice is our target board. This throwing knife will serve you much longer and becomes not blunt. In addition, the risk of injury in cases when the knife or dagger accidentally bounces is much lower. Avoid throwing onto tree trunks, or other inappropriate targets. When the knife edge hits a hard knag or a steel nail in the wood, it gets blunt or even damaged. The knife blade can even get broken in extreme cases. Damage due to improper use cannot be reclaimed as a defect of the product!

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