Musketeers Boots

The classic knee high version of the fold over Musketeer boot that can be unfolded to reach mid-thigh. Made famous during the 17th century by the King of France's Musketeers and long popular with the upper classes. Slip-on, single buckle adjustment across the front. Avaliable in Light Brown or Black quality leather. Hard leather sole with heel. These boots are not delicate costume items.

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black | EU 40 | from rubber
pcs (1 pcs In stock)
black | EU 42 | from rubber
pcs (2 pcs In stock)
black | EU 43 | from rubber
pcs (1 pcs In stock)
black | EU 42 | from genuine leather
pcs (1 pcs In stock)

Musketeers Boots

These shoes are available in standard EUR sizes. If you select the size "made-to-measure", they will be manufactured according to this measurement chart. Please fill it in after you finish your order.

Both the heel and the outsole of the Musketeer boots are made of genuine leather. The heel consists of several layers of leather that are glued together. All are cut in the form of heel. At the top of the boots and on the heel is glued a thin layer of rubber, so that the musketeer boots do not slip when walking.

Care of the Musketeers Boots

The shoes are treated with balm containing beeswax. The shoes are made of genuine leather. You can treat them with various shoe care products. The balm softens the leather soft and waterproofs it. Moreover, it makes the leather darker. If you do not have the balm, you can also use oil for leather or a normal shoe polish. The shoes polish can easily tone the leather color and cover minor imperfections (e.g. scuffed shoe tips).

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22.6.2015 9:13

Jerome F.


The best ratio quality/price. And how quality are these boots !!!! I'm very happy to buy them !!!

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28.10.2015 18:23

Helmut Hoffmann


Wunderschöne Schuhe, hervorragend verarbeitet, in allerbester Qualität. Zuverlässige Abwicklung,ausgezeichneter Service und Kommunikation in allen Belangen. Ausgezeichnetes Preis- Leistungsverhältnis. Produkt und Anbieter sehr zu empfehlen. Gerne wieder.

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27.6.2016 12:44

Oswald v. Löwenstein


Sehr schöne Musketier Stiefel die Qualität ist Top beste preis Leistung an dieser stelle möchte ich mich noch ganz recht herzlichst beim Team von O4E bedanken für den netten kontakt ihr seit super macht weiter so.

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26.12.2016 17:57

Bert Lochmann


Ich bin sehr zufrieden- die Qualität ist super und vor allem- die Stiefel passen wie angegossen!Trotz Übergröße kein Aufpreis! Service und Kundenkontakt ist vorbildlich. Großes Lob an alle Mitarbeiter von O4E. Ihr habt einen neuen treuen Kunden gewonnen.

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22.6.2015 9:10

Jerome F.

Boots "made-to-measure" and with outsoles "from leather, obnailed". Excellent quality, excellent work. For spectacle it's very important to have good boots/shoes. One month between payment and to receive them in France for "made-to-measure" boots. I'm the third one in my spectacle group to buy these Musketeers Boots and we are extremely surprise by the good quality. You can buy them, you won't be disappointed !!!

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