Handforged Candle stick with Holder for kindling stick

Fatwood is derived from the heartwood of pine trees. This resin-impregnated heartwood becomes hard and rot-resistant. Because of the flammability of terpene, fatwood is prized for use as kindling in starting fires. It lights quickly even when wet, is very wind resistant, and burns hot enough to light larger pieces of wood. A small piece of fatwood can be used many times to create tinder by shaving small curls and using them to light other larger tinder. More information...

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Handforged Candle stick with Holder for kindling stick

Rushlights were the preferred illumination from the Stone Age into the 20th century. Our rushlightholder was handforged by historic patterns and is combined with a candleholder. The rushlight is simply clamped into the jaws of the pliers. Depending on the angle on inclination it burns brighter and faster or less bright, but longer.

  • Material: handforged steel
  • Height approx. 26cm 

This is an original ULFBERTH® product.

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