Medieval double-edged war, one and a half handed ax

This is a fully functional axe based on various motifs from Gothic war axes. More information...

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Medieval double-edged war, one and a half handed ax

The widespread use of striking weapons, to which this axe belongs, took place mainly in the 15th century with the flourishing of plate armour. Its blunt, hammer-like handle smashed the plates like a mace, for example, and its blade was able to cut through metal plates of armour with sufficient force. The shapes of the axes varied greatly, as did the length of their handles. Although the axe looks robust, it is well balanced and therefore well suited for close combat, especially for re-enactment and show combat.

The blade is made of spring steel 54SiCr6. The steel is oil-quenched and tempered to a hardness of 54-56 HRC. Blades made of this steel are very tough (resistant to breakage) and flexible at the same time. The handle of the ax is made of tough and non-drying ash wood. For a secure hold, the handle is wrapped with a leather strap in a cross pattern. The strap is firmly nailed to the handle.

  • Total length of the handle 82.5 cm
  • Total length of the ax 91 cm
  • Length of the blade edge 23 cm
  • Cross section of the handle approx. 32*47 mm
  • Thickness of the blade edge approx. 2.06 mm
  • Weight 1945 g

Due to the handcrafted nature of production, the above data may vary slightly from specimen to specimen.

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