Rifleman's Hawk, Flat Textured Finish

The Rifleman's Hawk has a functional hexagonal hammer poll designed for serious work, like pounding nails or stakes. Reminiscent of some early American designs, the Rifleman's Hawk features the 'peace pipe' appearance that was commonly used by Native Americans during the last century. In terms of fun and sport, this hawk throws and sticks extremely well. If you want something that hits its target like the proverbial 'ton of bricks', then the Rifleman's Hawk is for you! More information...

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Rifleman's Hawk, Flat Textured Finish

Drop Forged Tomahawks

Cold Steel’s high-quality tomahawks are precision drop-forged from 1055 high carbon steel. The drop-forging process offers many distinct advantages for the production of impact tools, particularly ones that require a cutting edge. By using a series of progressive dies affixed to high-powered hammers, the steel is kneaded and compressed into a completely homogenous mass, creating a very uniform grain structure and minimizing imperfections. All Cold Steel® Tomahawks are also differentially heat-treated, with a cutting edge and hammer face that is fully hardened to take a keen edge, while the body of the blade is kept soft to absorb the shock and impact of striking blows.

The American Tomahawk Company® is a registered trademark and a division of Cold Steel®, Inc.

Rifleman's Hawk, Flat Textured Finish

  • Blade material: drop forged 1055 high carbon steel
  • Handle material: American hickory
  • Overall length: approx. 56 cm
  • Hawk length: approx. 20.6 cm
  • Primary edge: approx. 8.9 cm
  • Weight: approx. 1.04 kg
  • Cold Steel® Product No.: 90RH

Available accessories:

  • Sheath for Rifleman's Hawk (Product No.: CST-SC90RH)
  • Replacement handle from hickory (Product No.: CST-H90AT)

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