Scutum Junior, Child's Roman Shield, Wood

This shield is a downsized reproduction of an ancient tower shield (so-called scutum) from the 1st / 2nd century AD, as carried by the legionaries during the Roman Empire. True Roman troopers never left the camp without their shields. Just like the armour (lorica), the helmet (galea) and the short sword (gladius), the shield was an essential piece of any brave legionary's attire. More information...

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Scutum Junior, Child's Roman Shield, Wood

This Roman shield for little legionaries is crafted from approx. 8mm thick wood. It is linen covered, hand-painted on the front and equipped with a generously sized steel boss (so-called umbo). The horizontal grip placed on the back, directly behind the boss, is also made of wood.

With this wooden shield, your child will be perfectly equipped to defend his/her own private castrum. And just like that, every Roman camp, costume party or playground can become a stage for heroic deeds.


  • Material: plywood, painted linen cover, steel boss
  • Height: approx. 60cm
  • Straight width: approx. 44cm
  • Bend radius (depth of curvature): approx. 7cm

Weight: approx. 1.16 kg Above specs may slightly vary from piece to piece. Slight variations in colours are also possible and above pictures are thus for reference only.

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