Archery Shooting Bag Will Stop II

An alternative to board targets: the Arrow Stopper Bag Bersaglio shooting bag from Ragim Archery is made of robust plastic and can be easily filled with paper, scraps of fabric or other material. The sack can be hung on two rings, making it an attractive target in the air, for example between tree trunks, or lying on the ground. Supplied without filling and hanging cord. The shooting bag is suitable for carbon bow or crossbow arrows. More information...

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Archery Shooting Bag Will Stop II

  • Size about 68x58cm
  • With 5 target circles
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Ragim Archery

In order to make the shooting bag usable, you must fill it well with textiles (curtain remnants, etc.) and stuff it so that the whole bag is completely filled. Close the disc bag by sewing or stapling. Check the shooting bag carefully before each use. If the disc bag is damaged so that the full stopping effect can no longer be guaranteed, the disc bag must no longer be used. Hang the disc bag from the eyelets using a rope or hook. The disc bag must be able to swing freely! Choose the placement of the disc bag with care. Even if the arrow is deflected by a defect or misuse, it must be ensured that you, other people or animals cannot be harmed under any circumstances. If this cannot be guaranteed, the shot may not be practiced.

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