Paper Leather Journal with Mexican skeleton skull

Handmade Paper Leather Journal with inside paper ANTIQUE and DECKLE EDGES. More information...

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Paper Leather Journal with Mexican skeleton skull

  • Size approx. 127 x 178 x 35mm
  • Weight approx. 357 g 

The journal cover is made of authentic genuine leather. This antiqued leather cover is naturally embossed with SKULL design so that it has an old-world look, like it’s been passed down for generations.

This Vintage Journal is made with 200 pages (Counting Both Sides) of handmade Parchment Paper which looks like it was pulled from history. This paper is Acid-free as it is made up of virgin cotton which gives a feel and texture of jute and canvas. You can write on this unlined paper with a biro or pencil and draw with coloured pencils and acrylic paints. Ink pens, watercolours etc. may bleed on this paper.                                             

The symbolism of the skull:

The skull is one of the most controversial and widely used symbols. Since ancient times it has represented death and danger, but in other cultures, such as Mexico, the skull takes on different meanings: joy, family and faith. Very often the skull is used to celebrate life and other meanings include power, strength, protection and change. In the Christian religion it represents eternity and the soul, while in Judaism it is a symbol of rebirth.

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