Whisper String Standard

Our Whisper String – the standard strings - are all made by pure handcraft and with great care. The ultimate string for archery. More information...

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Bow length: 70", Number of strands: 10
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1 pcs
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Whisper String Standard

What is the special of the Whisper String? Not much, but a special combination of material and buffer are built-in that are also called reinforcements, that makes the string to a Whisper String.

Quite but none too slowly leaves the arrow the bow. As fast as the arrow flights, so quiet is the sound of the release. This is particularly noticeable at light arrow material.

There are manufactures that realize this, went to a recording studio. If you use our Whisper Strings you will hear this immediately without measurement technique. Another reason could be the consequent further development of our string production, therefore Whisper Strings by Beier Germany are very quiet.

A Whisper String by Beier Germany is comparable with a Fast Flight string. Therefore, make sure that your bow is also suitable.

Our recommendation, what kind of number of strands at what draw weight:

  • All bows from 40 lbs: 8 strand
  • All bows from 41 lbs: 10 strand

Quality does not have to be expensive. Take the Whisper String by Beier-Germany

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