Schnitzel DU, Outdoor and Woodcarving Knife for Children aged 10 and older, OD

Schnitzel Germany expands its product line with the introduction of the SCHNITZEL "DU" ("Two"). This model was specifically designed for children and teenagers aged 10 to 18. But adults will enjoy using it too, as the DU's blade and handle are slightly longer compared to the first series. Unlike the Schnitzel UNU, the DU has a sharp point. What's more, the blade features a classic, versatile Scandi grind (no secondary bevel), which is typical of Scandinavian knives. This full tang knife comes with a sharpened edge and so should it be: Carving wood with a sharp blade minimises the risk of injury as less pressure is exerted on the knife. More information...

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Schnitzel DU, Outdoor and Woodcarving Knife for Children aged 10 and older, OD

Considering the blade's classic Scandi grind, we recommend you to refrain from using the knife for heavy-duty works such as batoning thicker branches. Such tasks should preferably be performed with an axe or hatchet.

Effective jimping on the blade spine keeps the thumb from slipping during use. And right behind the jimping, you will find a small "recess" or "dip" which was kept somewhat sharper than the rest of the blade spine to facilitate the use of a firesteel.

The blade itself is made of tough, high-quality, Swedish stainless steel Sandvik 14C28N and has just the slightest hint of a drop point. In terms of thickness, it does not taper: The DU boasts a uniformly stout, 3.1mm thick blade throughout. And in order to counteract any potential rust formation in tougher conditions, the blade's surface features a matt anti-corrosion finish which not only enhances durability but also gives the outdoor knife an attractive appearance.

The non-slip, sturdy and ergonomically contoured G-10 handle scales ensure a secure grip, and an integrated finger guard prevents the index finger from slipping onto the edge of the blade. Threaded barrel nuts / sex bolts (inner diameter 3mm) with flat heads matching the blade's matt finish secure the scales to the tang and make it easy to disassemble the knife for maintenance / cleaning. As the fasteners are hollow, they can also be used to accommodate a paracord lanyard if you wish to.

Last but not least, it's also worth mentioning that the knife comes with a heavy-duty, virtually indestructible Kydex sheath. Impervious to water, mud and cold temperatures, it fits around the knife like a glove, thus ensuring perfectly safe carry.

As a special feature, the Kydex sheath is equipped with a firesteel housed in a Kydex loop. To ensure that it remains properly stowed in the loop at all times, even if worn from use, the ferro rod is additionally secured to the sheath with an elasticated cord that matches the colour of the handle. To strike a spark, just scrape the rod with the striking notch on the back of blade.

With the SCHNITZEL DU at your side, you're all set for your next outdoor adventure!

  • Blade material: 14C28N stainless steel with anti-corrosion finish
  • Handle material: G-10, OD green (also available: yellow, red, purple)
  • Overall length: approx. 18.5cm
  • Blade length: approx. 8.5cm
  • Blade thickness: approx. 3mm
  • Handle length: approx. 10cm
  • Handle thickness: approx. 14mm
  • Incl. Kydex sheath with firesteel loop (black) and firesteel
  • Weight: approx. 134 g (approx. 190 g with sheath)

Clear rules for carving with children

As knives are sharp objects, you need to establish clear rules from the very beginning. Whilst our products are perfectly designed for small hands, particular safety precautions should still be observed:

1.) Your child should always stay sat down: "Whittling means sitting" is the number one rule!

2.) Correct posture whilst carving: To ensure a safe grip on the knife, your child should sit legs apart, feet placed firmly flat on the ground. The upper part of the body should be slightly bent forward, with the arms resting on the thighs.

3.) Make sure that your child always keeps a safe distance of two arm's lengths (approx. 1 metre) to anyone else whilst carving.

4.) Carving with a sharpened blade minimises the risk of injury as you have to exert less pressure on the knife.

5.) Any carving movement should always be directed away from your body.

6.) The blade should always be safely re-sheathed immediately after use.

7.) Removing bark from living trees is a no-no.

As a matter of principle, wood carving should always be supervised by an adult. It is also essential here that parents act as exemplary role models: If you do not conscientiously follow your own rules, your child will most likely not observe the safety precautions either.

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